How should we choose the style?

Different styles are made for different needs, please see below:

  • Wind-resistant umbrella: Our signature double canopy umbrella with mesh system is made to endure in windy or stormy weather. Patented runner to strengthen the structure and prevent flipping under sudden gust pressures. Sizes available in folding, stick, and golf umbrella.

  • Folding Umbrella: Sturdy, easy to carry, best size for traveling. Fiberglass frames are made windproof to prevent snapping during windy weather. Styles available in travel and UV proof.

  • Stick Umbrella: Same frame with wind-resistant stick umbrella but a lite version. Suitable for a city wanderer.

  • Reverse Umbrella: Made easier for getting in and out of car during rainy days. The reverse canopy design helps to contain the wetness in the canopy without dripping all over your clothes.

  • Beach Umbrella: A quality umbrella made best for the beach lovers. Double canopy with mesh system for best ventilation, non-corroding aluminum frame with manual tilt adjustment.