Wind Resistant Umbrella (3)

*TOP RATED Best Double Canopy Umbrella in the Industry*
Best windproof umbrella that resists up to 70 km/h wind speed. Patented runner design especially made to fortify frame structure, and mesh system for optimum ventilation and wind resistance. Comes in various sizes: 48", 62", and 64." Our oversize golf umbrella makes the best wind resistant umbrella. Coverage from single person to the whole family.Available in custom imprint, personalization, promotional purposes available.

Folding Umbrella (5)

Folding umbrella comes in several opening mechanisms and styles: manual open/close, auto open/close, and auto open/close with safe lock design. Auto open/close allows easy one-handed operation, and safe lock design holds the shaft stable and won't bounce back. With engineering plastic and fiberglass ribs, it makes a sturdy frame that's corrosion resistant and windproof. For uv umbrellas, aluminum shaft and fiberglass ribs make the umbrella light and easy to carry. ​To custom umbrella for promot...

Stick Umbrella (6)

Classic stick umbrella styles come in stick umbrella, wooden umbrella, and walking umbrella. Fiberglass ribs with aluminum/wood shaft makes it mold resistant. Virgin materials only with our own patented design frame structure for a long-lasting, durable quality. Ergonomical handle design to provide a more comfortable hold. Easy one-handed operation with a push button. For events and promotions, stick umbrella and wooden umbrella are best choices for custom made umbrella. For elders, walking umbr...

Reverse Umbrella​ (3)

Reverse Umbrella, double layer with unique mesh insert design and reverse canopy, folding the top layer into the under layer when closing, to prevent rain from dripping out. Mesh insert and fiberglass frame for optimum ventilation and static-electricity free for smooth opening. When the umbrella is closed, fiberglass ribs can firmly hold it standing up. Pongee fabric with Teflon coating keeps the umbrella dry and water resistant. Aluminum shaft, engineering plastic and fiberglass frame make reve...

Beach Umbrella (1)

Patented runner design to reinforce wind-resistance. Non-corroding aluminum frame with manual tilt adjustment. Mesh inserted system for optimum ventilation and stability. Mold-free frame with aluminum shaft, engineering plastic, and fiberglass ribs