With many registered U.S patent and certificates from associations. Quality umbrellas made in Taiwan comes with three years warranty.
Fabric Cutting
Large Cut (First Cut):Use of machine or hand-cutting to cut texture fit as a fiddle from a heap of texture.
Fabric Edge Locking:Sew rolled hem on fabric edge
Small Cut:Cut the roll of fabric into triangular panels
Canopy Assembly
Sewing:Sew eight panels together into one complete canopy
Topping:Again sew the eight panels in circle for five times to reinforce the canopy
Bartack stitching:Use bartack machine to sew upper and lower canopy together
Tip install:Sew plastic cups onto the tip of the canopy
Umbrella Assembly
Frame Assembly:Join shaft and frames, then nail together
Canopy install: Place canopy over the frame, insert tips, then hand-sew the canopy onto the frame
Handle and cap install:Insert cap and install handle
Quality check:Final quality check
Packaging:Put on tags and dust-free plastic bags, then pack into cartons
Quality check
Umbrella: Make sure the close/open mechanism is smooth
Canopy: Make sure canopy is clean and no stain
Imprint: Make sure the logo imprint is perfect
Tags: Put on MIT tags and other related tags
Pakage: Put into dust-free plastic bags
Packing: Pack into cartons for delivery
Multiple U.S, Taiwan, and China patent on structure invention, MIT, User Friendly Fabrics, Oeko-Tek Standard 100, UV-Stop, wind-resistant tested at Rain Wind Tunnel Laboratory, ABRI
icon.png Related Experience and Techniques
  1. More than 30 years of manufacturing wind-resistant double canopy golf umbrella and customizing orders
  2. Holds multiple U.S patent on structure invention and certificates from SGS as well as recommendation from Skin Cancer Foundation
  3. Family-owned business, factory fully equipped with machineries for customization
  4. Maintaining product uniqueness by design and manufacture own parts and frames
  5. Flexible pattern customization through heat transfer machines
  6. Ability to assist with frame or parts design with 3D print or new development
  7. Focusing on details with matching cross-panel patterns on sewed edges
  8. Quality assured by made in Taiwan, using non-toxic environmental friendly materials, as well as providing full after sales customer care and repairment.