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JIAYUN Umbrella
With true craftsmanship, Jiayun will only settle for the best
Jiayun Umbrella, previously known as Harmony Umbrella, was established in Caotun, Taiwan in 2011. It has been the leading umbrella manufacturer since the transformation from frame processing to complete umbrella manufacturing back in 1987. Our years of expertise in producing automatic wind-resistant umbrella has made us the only umbrella manufacturer in the industry that invented it. Not only has it became popular among many Hollywood stars, but were also the former president, George W. Bush and the British Royalty’s favorite umbrellas. Since then, Jiayun has been providing the best golf umbrella worldwide.
Jiayun is committed to only make the sturdiest umbrella
Besides, Jiayun is the only umbrella manufacturer with various types of equipment, including plastic injection molding machine, automatic fabric spreading and cutting machine, heat transfer and heat press printing machine, as well as digital printing machine. With the variety of machines it has, Jiayun has been able to provide highly flexible customizing services as well as best quality umbrella to its clients by only using virgin raw materials to ensure the durability. Through each process, each thread sewed were inspected with strict standard. Under Mr. and Mr’s Tseng’s lead with persistence and craftsmanship spirit, Jiayun continues to consolidate its leading status in producing wind-resistant double canopy umbrellas.
FRP - JIAYUN Umbrella
Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Water repellent - JIAYUN Umbrella
JIAYUN Umbrella
Tested wind-resistance up to 70km/hr
JIAYUN Umbrella
Registered Patent

Business Types

Manufacture, OEM/ODM, Export, Trading, Retail

Main Products

Golf Umbrella, Wind-resistant Double Canopy Umbrella, UV Umbrella, Folding Umbrella, Beach Umbrella, Walking Umbrella

Year Established



MIT, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Wind-resistance Test

Main Markets

North America, Europe, Asia

Competitive Advantage

Cross-panel customization available, Small quantity orders, Patented Wind-resistant frame structure

To improve the stereotype that umbrellas are disposable by producing durable, sturdy
Vision Statement
To become the top leading standard in umbrella industry
Core Values
Integrity, Craftsmanship, Sustainability
Company History
1987 Mr. Tseng established a frame processing factory with his brothers
1993 Mr. Tseng started the factory in Guangdong, China during the migration wave
1997 Transformed into complete umbrella manufacturer and entered into Europe and NA market
1999 Invented the very first automatic wind-resistant golf umbrella together with our US client and obtained multiple US patent for this invention
2011 Back to Taiwan to build a factory and registered as Jiayun Umbrella
2014 B2B transforming to B2C
2016 Brand Jiayun was established
2019 Participated in Concours Lepine Internation Paris 2019 and won Bronze medal for new handle structure invention
JIAYUN Umbrella
Machineries and Equipment
JIAYUN Umbrella
Auto Fabric Cutting and Spreading Machine
JIAYUN Umbrella
3D Drawing Software
JIAYUN Umbrella
3D Printer
JIAYUN Umbrella
Plastic Injection Machine
JIAYUN Umbrella
Heat Transfer Machine
JIAYUN Umbrella
Heat Pressing Machine
Provides the best protection against various weathers.
Jiayun Umbrella
JIAYUN Umbrella